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 Introducing: Intra-Day Stock Trader 2016  with 15 day risk free trial

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How to trade like a millionaire:  This software contains, without a doubt, the most powerful tools on our planet for turning a small amount of money into a small fortune.  Up to this day, I can assure you that there is no other trading package similar or even close in content to what you can buy right here, right now. 

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This trading package, The Intra-Day Stock Trader 2013, will definitely increase your chances of making it big in the stock market


How effective is this trading methodology?

I started developing these methods over 20 years ago and I have made millions (see Stock Trading Millionaires) trading the identical methods you can get right here right now.  I started with less than nothing, over 20 years ago, and I am still going strong.  And I am so confident in this trading package’s effectiveness that I put the real time trades up on this web site every day AND I offer it to you with an unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not like it after loading it up on your computer you can send it back and get all your money back. 

And furthermore you can see results before you even put out any money.  What you can see from the results posted on this web site daily is that The Intra-Day Stock Trader 2013 just keeps making money over time with small draw down and little risk to your trading capital.

Trust me there is nothing else like this out there.  Nobody else posts 10 to 20 of their trades on a web site every day and you can replicate these trades by buying this package.  I cannot fake these results.  This is real time stock trading on steroids.   This is the Lamborghini of stock trading packages.  This is absolutely the best there is for getting high returns with little risk.

What is DIFFERENT about this trading package and this trading methodology?

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For starters when I published “How I Quit my Job and Turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading” I also published nearly 50 pages of broker statements to verify the profits and returns that I was writing about.  NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT.  This is not a theoretical trading methodology, dreamed up by a computer programmer, and sold to you without having been tested in real time with real money.  I have lived, breathed, traded and researched these methods for over two decades and know, without any reservation, GC-manual-253x300 Automated Stock Trading Softwarethat they work.  The trades generated by this trading package are posted daily on this site to demonstrate that this robust methodology has worked for 20 years in real time and continues, to this day, in 2013, to work in real time.

Why you should buy NOW:

  • Price is going up.  The price used to be $500.  Now it is $1,000.  Very soon it will be $1,500 or higher. 
  • My time is limited and yet I want to really help anybody who buys my materials.

I spend a lot of time on the phone answering customer questions or doing lengthy exchanges in writing by way of E-mail.  Anybody who buys this package has virtually unlimited access to my expertise.  But I can only handle so many customers at any given time. 

As word of Intra-Day Stock Trader 2013 has spread across the Internet more people are buying it and I am becoming very busy.  Shortly I must control these numbers by raising my price.  I know of trading system vendors selling trading platforms inferior to this for $30,000. 

  • Trust me, you are getting a deal at $1,000 and to get that price you need to buy NOW.

What is included:

  • 1)      A proven and previously unpublished system that I have traded for years with both small accounts and large accounts.  This is the identical system posted on this web site every day.  I have made a lot of money with this system, but rather than talk about all that stuff in the past, I have put all real time trades up on this website for 75 plus markets, every day, so that you can view my real time trades and judge for yourself.  In fact you can see exactly what this system did TODAY.

 The system I call JORDI’’s INTRA-DAY 2, is the identical system I used to trade millions of dollars with.  The trades posted on the site daily assumes a million dollar portfolio.  However, “Jordi”  can be adjusted to accommodate the trader who has just a few thousand dollars to start with. That is how I started.

  More on Jordi2 

  • 2)      A longer term system.  In 2012 I was plagued by low volatility markets.  Low volatility can hurt a very short term system because even when you win most of the time the wins can be small and result in commission costs eating into your profits.  To offset this I developed and traded in real time a system that held trades typically two or three weeks rather than just a few days.

More on the Weekly system.

  • 3)      A Software Platform that can run my trading systems as well as many other systems including all the systems discussed in the two trading manuals included in the package.  The platform even allows you modify my systems and to design your own trading systems.  No black box systems; you can see all the rules of trading.  This customized platform allows you to connect with E-Signal’s streaming data and trade my systems tick for tick and in real time.  With this package you will be able to replicate exactly what is posted on this web site every day.
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  • And Windows 10 as well


  • 4)      Two fascinating classic trading manuals written by Robert Buran aka Trader Bob.  That includes “How I Quit my Job and Turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading.”  I actually traded $6,000 into over a half million dollars in six years and in these manuals I will tell you exactly how I did it and I will disclose fully the exact trading systems I used.  AND I include copies of my brokerage statements.  These older systems using daily data have also been programmed and are included in the trading package.  You can load them into the trading platform.  Or you can buy JUST THE MANUALS.  If you buy just the manuals for $300 I will credit you $300 if you want to later buy everything.

Buy Just the Manuals:

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  • 5)    Fully compatible with TradeStation 9.  If you are a TradeStation trader this package is for you.  Everything even the 20 year old systems are fully compatible with TS 9.5 and I can provide support for work with that software.

More on working with TradeStation 9

  • 6)      Unlimited Support for technical or trading issues.  I am both a trader and and a kind of software geek.  I really trade this stuff and am are in front of computers most of the day and I like to talk.  So you are absolutely free to call me anytime (702-490-5317) and ask questions.  I am probably watching the very trade you are wondering about.  I will also quickly respond to E-mail sent to

 COST:  $1,000 for the entire package.  Your purchase is RISK FREE.  I allow you 15 days to examine the package, read the manuals, install the software, E-mail or talk to me or do anything else you need to do to convince yourself that this is the smartest money you have ever spent.

But if you are not happy with the product you just have to call me or E-mail me  within 15 days of receipt your package and I will cheerfully return all your money through PayPal when I get the package back.  But the mail time does not count against your 15 days for risk free examination of the product.  

If you have questions prior to purchase you may E-mail or call United States + 702 490 5317;  it is OK to call during market hours.

I do not collect credit card information and this transaction is absolutely secure with PayPal although you do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase.  All shipping and tax is included in the $1,000 US dollar purchase price.  I do standard shipping to anywhere in the world free.  You get 15 days to examine the product from the time you receive it.  You may notify me by E-mail within 15 days that you want a refund and I will refund $1,000 US dollars when I get the physical package back.  You must pay return shipping.

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