Friday September 4, 2015, Today Stock Market

Dow opens – 202 and our open trade sinks.

Market Open (click to enlarge)

1stats930-SEPT-4-15-300x203 Friday September 4, 2015, Today Stock Market

The Dow closes – 272   This is what we closed out: BITA -1065, BZUN +315, CPE -2280, DGLY -2430, CSIQ -2010, KMX -1750, INVN -1110, LCI +9525, SBGL -2655, RAVE -1180, VIPS -1515, THC -2325, SUNE +1600
Total = -$6,880

This is what we are holding: (click to enlarge)

STATS-9-4-15-300x201 Friday September 4, 2015, Today Stock Market

Trader Bob

Trader Bob

wp-content-uploads-2013-02-robert-buran Trader BobMy name is Robert Buran and I live in Reno Nevada.  I was born on September 14, 1943 in Madison Wisconsin.  I graduated from Madison West High School in 1961.  I earned a Bachelors degree in English and Spanish, and a Master’s degree and EDS in school psychology, all from the University of Wisconsin.  I practiced psychology in Alpena Michigan and Redlands California for about 15 years.  I left psychology and became a full time commodities futures trader in 1988.

moon-and-us21-269x300 Trader BobBetween 1998 and 2002 I managed large sums of European money in the US stock market and my annual returns exceeded 80%.

I have been a trader and TradeStation programer for over 20 years. My stock trading systems are outside the box and I post them on the web every day.

I am a single dad, age 69,  and raise my only child, a 12 year old gifted male 6th grader, unassisted.

In my “spare time” I write articles about health, diet and age reversal and I run a web site at


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