Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates

Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates

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How to trade like a savvy professional

How to trade like a savvy professional:  This software contains, without a doubt, the most powerful tools on our planet for turning a small amount of money into a small fortune. Up to this day, I can assure you that there is no other trading package similar or even close in content to what you can buy right here, right now.   

Introducing JORDI FUSION – a revolutionary trading system that builds upon the original JORDI ,but incorporating larger yielding more notable outliers.  Drawing inspiration from nuclear physics, where fusion refers to atomic nuclei combining to form a heavier nucleus while releasing energy, JORDI FUSION blends diverse trading styles, ideas, and elements to create a powerful, one-of-a-kind system.  This innovative approach merges an enhanced algorithm with a radically different market selection process, backed by artificial intelligence. 

Built into the JORDI FUSION algorithm is a decidedly unique feature we call the “Quantity Multiplier” (QM value) that allows a trader to adjust his or her risk across many stocks depending on the size of the account.  You can trade $5,000 or you can trade $1,000,000.  And because JORDI FUSION does not day trade you do not have to worry about the infamous “Pattern Day Trading Rule” requiring an account size of $25,000. 

Here’s an example to illustrate the “nuclear energy” behind JORDI FUSION:  On  April 27, 2023, the system purchased 9,000 shares of TOP at $7.91 and sold them the following day at $225.40, yielding a profit of $1,957,410 using the “PROFIT POP” exit integrated into the JORDI FUSION algorithm.

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The Profit Pop

Although the above trade employed a Quantity Multiplier of 5.0, those with a $10,000 account and a 0.1 Quantity Multiplier value would still profit $39,148 from that transaction.  While such moves are rare, the new stock selection  process enables them to occur, and it only takes one such event to quadruple your account in a single trade.  When these opportunities arise the PROFIT POP exit embedded within JORDI FUSION stands ready to seize those significant gains. 

pixel Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates

JORDI FUSION 2023 , will most likely increase your chances of making it big in the stock market


How effective is this trading methodology?

I started developing these methods over 30 years ago and I have made millions (See Journey to Big Trading) trading the identical methods you can get right here right now.  I started with less than nothing, over 30 years ago, and I am still going strong.  And I am so confident in this trading package’s effectiveness that I put the real time trades up on this web site every day  along with a video.  The trial version is free and you can see it every day on this website. 

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My journey has been beautiful!

You can see results before you even put out any money.  What you can see from the results posted on this web site daily is that  JORDI FUSION and its predecessors just keep making money over time and year after year.  I have posted all the returns on this website starting in 2013.  You can download those results at the bottom of the home page.  And you can also see details from the archives for any of those days and  even view the videos for those days. 

But it gets even better, much later, in 2023.  In the spring of that year I hit on another discovery in stock selection and my trading took another leap forward.  Go ahead and download 10 years of my performance at the bottom of my home page and see what happened in May of 2023! 

Trust me there is nothing else like this out there.  Nobody else posts 10 to 20 of their trades on a web site every day and you can replicate these trades by buying this package.  I cannot fake these results.  This is real time stock trading on steroids.   This is the Lamborghini of stock trading packages.  This is absolutely the best there is for getting high returns with little risk.

What is DIFFERENT about this trading package and this trading methodology?

wp-content-uploads-2013-02-how-i-quit-small-245x300 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates
How I Quit my Job and turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading
GC-manual-253x300 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates
A Full Disclosure of the Half Million Dollar Systems.

For starters when I published “How I Quit my Job and Turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading” I also published nearly 50 pages of broker statements to verify the profits and returns that I was writing about.  NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT.  This is not a theoretical trading methodology, dreamed up by a computer programmer, and sold to you without having been tested in real time with real money.  I have lived, breathed, traded and researched these methods for over two decades and know, without any reservation, that they work.  The trades generated by this trading package are posted daily on this site to demonstrate that this robust methodology has worked for 25 years in real time and continues, to this day, in 2018, to work in real time.

Why you should buy NOW:

  • Price may go up again or I may just work with institutions.  The price used to be $500.  Then it was $1,000.  Now it is $2,000 and very soon it could go to $5,000. 
  • My time is limited and yet I want to really help anybody who buys my materials.

I spend a lot of time answering customer questions and doing lengthy exchanges in writing by way of E-mail.  Anybody who buys this package has virtually unlimited access to my expertise.  But I can only handle so many customers at any given time. 

As word of Intra-Day Stock Trader 2018 and JORDI Fusion has spread across the Internet more people are  buying it and I am becoming very busy.  Shortly I must control these numbers by raising my price once again.  I know of trading system vendors selling trading platforms inferior to this for $30,000. 

  • Trust me, you are getting a deal at $2,000 and to get that price you need to buy NOW.

What is included:

  • 1) A proven and previously unpublished system that I have traded for years with both small accounts and large accounts.  This is the identical system posted on this web site every day.  I have made a lot of money with this system, but rather than talk about all that stuff in the past, I have put all real time trades up on this website for about 50 stocks, every day, so that you can view my real time trades and judge for yourself.  In fact you can see exactly what this system did TODAY.  This is your free trial right here on this website.

 The system I call JORDI’, is the identical system I used to trade millions of dollars with.  The trades posted on the site daily assumes about a half million cash portfolio.  However, “Jordi” can be adjusted to accommodate the trader who has just a few thousand dollars to start with.  That is how I started.  In the spring of 2023 I revised JORDI and called the new algorithm JORDI FUSION.   


  • 2)    Fully compatible with TradeStation.  You
    leo-TradeStation2-226x300 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates
    Trading with TradeStation!

    must have TradeStation to trade JORDI FUSION. This is because to update you I e-mail you all my work spaces already set up.  You can trade exactly as I do.  Its like I am sending you my own computer with everything set up exactly as I have set up.  This is a turn key trading system.

More on working with TradeStation

  • 3)      Unlimited Support for technical or trading issues  I am both a trader and and a kind of software geek.  I really trade this stuff and am are in front of computers most of the day and I like to communicate with other traders.  E-mail me any time.  My e-mail is
  • 4)    Free Portfolio Updates. This is really the most valuable item.  My algorithm is good but without combining it with my revolutionary methods of stock selection it may not work.  I update the portfolio by sending you via email all the work spaces already set up.

 COST:  $2,000 for the entire package with services. 

I do not collect credit card information and this transaction is absolutely secure with PayPal although you do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase.  I send you everything electronically .

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  • 2K too much money?  You can JUST BUY MY CLASSIC TRADING MANUALS:  wp-content-uploads-2013-02-how-i-quit-small-245x300 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates

  • GC-manual-253x300 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates
  • Fascinating classic trading manuals written by Robert Buran aka Trader Bob.  That includes “How I Quit my Job and Turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading.”  I actually traded $6,000 into over a half million dollars in six years and in these manuals I will tell you exactly how I did it and I will disclose fully the exact trading systems I used.  AND I include copies of my brokerage statements.  If you buy just the manuals for $300 I will credit you $300 if you want to later buy the $2,000 package.  BUT  and this is a big BUT:  The manuals discuss my original trading ideas formulated over 30 years ago and discloses fully the specific systems that I traded then and that can be used to trade both futures and stocks.   And those systems still work.  But even though I have used these same ideas to trade everything I do now, none of the JORDI systems are disclosed in the manuals.  $300 does not get you JORDI FUSION!

Buy Just the Manuals:



I am around my computers most of the time and I can usually reply by E-mail  within  a few hours. my e-mail is

 Introducing: JORDI FUSION 2023  with free portfolio updates