Monday July 10, 2023

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Monday July 10, 2023

Dow opens +78  and our open trade goes positive (click to enlarge)
OPEN-4-300x172 Monday July 10, 2023
Monday Open

3 hours in (click to enlarge)

3-hours-in-300x143 Monday July 10, 2023
Monday Open
Loving the Green  (click to enlarge)

leo-Follow-System-1-237x300 Monday July 10, 2023
Loving the Green

5 hours in (click to enlarge)

5-hours-in-300x152 Monday July 10, 2023
Five Hours In

AAOI (click to enlarge)

AAOI-300x148 Monday July 10, 2023
The Dow closes +209 and this is what we closed out:  STCN +1620, MRVL -465, PLAY +1410, ROOT +1410, GSIT -4500, RXT +495, FNGR +135, MPAA +2910, EDIT -810, AAOI +4833, AYX -97
TOTAL = + $6,941
This is what we are holding (click to enlarge)

CLOSE-4-300x154 Monday July 10, 2023

twitter Monday July 10, 2023