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Introduction and User Guide


Introducing JORDI FUSION – a revolutionary trading system that builds upon the original JORDI ,but incorporating larger yielding more notable outliers.  Drawing inspiration from nuclear physics, where fusion refers to atomic nuclei combining to form a heavier nucleus while releasing energy, JORDI FUSION blends diverse trading styles, ideas, and elements to create a powerful, one-of-a-kind system.  This innovative approach merges an enhanced algorithm with a radically different market selection process, backed by artificial intelligence. 

Built into the JORDI FUSION algorithm is a decidedly unique feature we call the “Quantity Multiplier” (QM value) that allows a trader to adjust his or her risk across many stocks depending on the size of the account.  You can trade $10,000 or you can trade $1,000,000.  And because JORDI FUSION does not day trade you do not have to worry about the infamous “Pattern Day Trading Rule” requiring an account size of $25,000. 

Here’s an example to illustrate the “nuclear energy” behind JORDI FUSION:  On  April 27, 2023, the system purchased 9,000 shares of TOP at $7.91 and sold them the following day at $225.40, yielding a profit of $1,957,410 using the “PROFIT POP” exit integrated into the JORDI FUSION algorithm.

TOP-300x62 Trading JORDI FUSION
Profit Pop in real time

Although the above trade employed a Quantity Multiplier of 5.0, those with a $10,000 account and a 0.1 Quantity Multiplier value would still profit $39,148 from that transaction.  While such moves are rare, the new stock selection  process enables them to occur, and it only takes one such event to quadruple your account in a single trade.  When these opportunities arise the PROFIT POP exit embedded within JORDI FUSION stands ready to seize those significant gains. 

Getting Started

If you have purchased JORDI FUSION I have e-mailed you two things: the JORDI FUSION algorithm and all my current work spaces from my TradeStation.  The algorithm file is JORDI FUSION.ELD  and the 13 work spaces look something like this: A-B-3.tsw .

These 13 work spaces come from my TradeStation .  I am using TS 9.5, Update 17, 11/09/16.  The reason I am using such an old TradeStation is because the *.tsw files are not reverse compatible.  That is to say if I was using the most recent version of TradeStation you could not use the work spaces I send you if you yourself did not have the most current version of TradeStation.  And, in fact, most people are still using older versions.

For that reason I use a very old version of TradeStation so that the work spaces I send you are compatible with all my customers.

But the downside to this is that the directions I give here may be a little different if you are using a more current version of TradeStation.  However, I have used artificial intelligence to make these directions more current.   


First Import the JORDI FUSION algorithm into your TradeStation

Put the Algorithm file someplace on your computer, say on your desktop.

Then in your TradeStation click file, then import/ export easy language.  Then select Import Easy Language file ELD etc. Click next and then browse to the JORDI FUSION file on your desktop that I have sent you.

These images may help:  Start the sequence  by selecting Import/Export EasyLanguage.   Then follow the sequence pictured in each of the following 5 images and ending with “You have successfully imported your analysis techniques”:

algo1-164x300 Trading JORDI FUSION

algo2-300x211 Trading JORDI FUSION

algo3-300x214 Trading JORDI FUSION


algo4-300x215 Trading JORDI FUSION


algo5-300x211 Trading JORDI FUSION


Next you will need to verify the JORDI FUSION algorithm:


First click View and then click Development Environment:

verify1-252x300 Trading JORDI FUSION

Then Click file and then Verify All:

verify2-144x300 Trading JORDI FUSION

Congratulations!  You have now installed JORDI FUSION on your computer.


Next install the 13 workSpace files I have sent you into your computer.  

In order to do this you are going to drag and drop those 13 files into your MyWork folder.  Now if you are using a newer version of TradeStation you may not have a MyWork folder.  If that is the case you may want to do a search for say *.tsw files to find where they are stored on your newer TradeStation .  Or you can go to the end of this section where I have some AI generated instructions that may be helpful to you.

So first find your MyWork folder.  It is located at C:/ Program Files(X86)/  TradeStation 9.5/  MyWork .  Drag and drop all 13 of those *tsw files I have sent you into that MyWork folder.   

After you have put all 13 of those files into your MyWork folder you should go to the upper left of your TradeStation and click file and then click open Work Space from the drop down menu.  Then you should see something like this:  Click to Enlarge

ReWrite-1-300x213 Trading JORDI FUSION


The tsw files I have highlighted in red are the WorkSpaces you want to open.  So  hold down your CTRL key and highlight all of them and press enter.   If you click the A-B-3 file you should see something like this:  Click to Enlarge

WorkSpaces2-300x149 Trading JORDI FUSION


All the charts should show arrows and lines showing JORDI FUSION trades.  A chart  showing those trades should look something like this:  Click to Enlarge

WorkSpaces3-300x160 Trading JORDI FUSION

Congratulations!  You have now installed  all the  JORDI FUSION WorkSpaces on your computer. If you have not been successful in finding the folder containing your tsw files you might want to try these AI generated directions:

  1. Download the attached workspace file and save it on your computer, ideally in a location that’s easy to find, like the Desktop.

  2. Open TradeStation.

  3. Click on “File” in the top left corner of the screen.

  4. From the dropdown menu, click on “Import Workspace”.

  5. A dialog box will open. Navigate to the location where you saved the workspace file, click on the workspace file to select it, and then click “Open”.

  6. The workspace should now be available in TradeStation. You may need to go to the “Window” menu at the top of the screen, select “Workspace”, and then select the name of the imported workspace to load it.


Next before you start trading, a very important step.  

You must adjust the money management to fit the amount of money you are trading.  If you only have $15,000 and are trading 50 markets with JORDI  FUSION, you probably will not want to commit more than $1,000 per trade.  That means if you are trading on margin you will need $500 per trade which means you can carry maybe a maximum of 25 positions.

On the other side of this spectrum, if you have a million dollars cash, you can commit about $50,000 per trade  without running into problems.

Most people will be somewhere in between these extremes.  The part of the easy language code that must be edited is the QM or Quantity Multiplier.  The QM used to make $1,000 bets is .1 (point one).  The QM used to make $50,000 bets is 5.0 (five point zero).  Once you know this you can find the right number for anything in between by using multiples of $1,000.  $10,000 bets, for example, would require a QM of 1.0 (one point zero).  But when starting out I recommend making very small bets while you are learning the system.  Set your QM at 0.025 and you will be making bets of about $300.  With $0  commission trading you can actually make some money trading this way and have a little fun while learning how to play the game without risking all your money.

OK then how does one edit the easy language to change the QM in your system?  

To edit this critical easy language follow these simple steps:

Go to any of the new charts that you have created that already have the JORDI FUSION system/strategy applied that you want to edit and click it to highlight it.  Now select Format/ Strategy to get this window :  click to enlarge

ReWrite-2-300x144 Trading JORDI FUSION


Now click the Edit Easy Language button  to get to the easy language code. Right below Inputs you will see the heading Vars.  At the end of the Vars list is Quantity Multiplier and then (5.0)  It is that number 5.0 that you edit.  If you want to trade nickels and dimes you change 5.0 to 0.025    When you are done right click inside the  code area and then click verify.  Once the new code is verified you will see numbers on the charts change.  For example if you entered a lower number than 5.0 you will see a lower number of shares being traded on the charts.  The QM control gives you control over risk!

PUNTTime(1015), PrftTime(1015), SHRTOK(true),
TicsFmHi(-2),MinPrice(0.0), MaxPrice(500.0),
MinPctMv(0.02647), BUYPCT(0.85), SELLPCT(0.85), StopPct(0.10),

mp(0), BarCnt(0), Volty(0), Qty(0), ExtraMeasure(0),
YestLo(-99999), YestHi(99999), TodaysLo(-99999), TodaysHi(99999),
InitialLo(-99999), InitialHi(99999), buyPrice(99999), sellPrice(-99999),
PriceOK(false), RangeOK(false), AlreadyTraded(false), WAITBARS(2), QM{QUANTITY MULTIPLIER}(5.0);

What we need to change is the QM value that is shown here as (5.0)
I am betting $50,000 per trade when my QM is 5.0 and I have about $800,000 cash in my account to do this.  If you have $5,000 in your account you have 1/160 th of the amount I am using to trade with a QM value of 5.0.  But I am going to go a little more extreme to start out because I do not want you starting to trade with as much as you can.  So I am going to say you have 1/200 th of what you need to trade a QM value of 5.0.
So now we must adjust the QM to reflect this new value.  So we divide 5.0 by 200 to get  0.025.  0.025 is the new QM value and this is what you edit your value to .  Now your code should look like this:

mp(0), BarCnt(0), Volty(0), Qty(0), ExtraMeasure(0),
YestLo(-99999), YestHi(99999), TodaysLo(-99999), TodaysHi(99999),
InitialLo(-99999), InitialHi(99999), buyPrice(99999), sellPrice(-99999),
PriceOK(false), RangeOK(false), AlreadyTraded(false), WAITBARS(2), QM{QUANTITY MULTIPLIER}(0.025);

After you make the change you must verify it or it will not work.  Read the directions about verifying and if you do not understand ask me and I will help you.  The only dumb question is the question not asked!

But if you can get your QM value set up this way you will start getting some very small real time automated trades.  This value can and will be increased in the future but for right now I just want you to learn the process without risking much money.


Congratulations, you have now adjusted your risk!

Next, How do you go to full automation? 

Automation is how you make money trading.  With automation you do not make mistakes and it will make trading less stressful.

If automation is set up correctly you should see a little dark green box in the upper left hand corner of each chart with a red SA inside.

To automate is a two step procedure.  First click format and then  from the drop down menu select strategies.  Then you should see something like this:

automate1-300x181 Trading JORDI FUSION

Then once you get that dialog box open  you want to check Generate strategy orders etc,

Automate execution using  account number XXXX, you will be prompted “Do you agree? “

Then lastly indicate account with confirmation OFF,  you will be prompted a second time “Do you agree? “

After agreeing twice the box should turn dark green with the red letters SA

The little green box should look like this:

automate2-300x217 Trading JORDI FUSION

Congratulations, you have now automated your trading using JORDI FUSION !

The Most Important Part of Stock Trading: Stock Selection. 

The JORDI FUSION algorithm is good, but JORDI FUSION will not make a dime without good selection.  It was my discovery of a new process and criteria for stock selection that caused me to come back to this crazy game.  What I needed and what I got is a portfolio selection that has a great deal of high velocity price movement and therefore a high potential for good profits.

My selection process shall remain propitiatory, but I am looking to share my selections with my customers on nearly a weekly basis.  This is really what you are paying for.  My plan is to rotate about 15% to 20% of the portfolio every weekend and then e-mail all the JORDI FUSION people their work spaces every Friday night or Saturday for trading starting Monday morning.  I believe this will keep our portfolios dynamic and hot.

This is going to take some work and may be inconvenient, but markets do not exist to be convenient to trade.

I truly believe in JORDI FUSION  and wish all of you success in trading it. 

You can buy the algorithm package here: 


Trader Bob