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Jordi is Hot

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By Robert Buran

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“Jordi” is hot.  This is a snapshot of Jordi’’s performance in two days in August 2014.  This trade would have cost about $45,000 in cash and it made $32,000 plus in two days.  JORDI got into JRJC the day before a 40 + % move and got out near the top.  This is admittedly as good as it can get (click to enlarge):  Jordi is a composite of trading ideas I have developed over a 20 year period.  In the two manuals included with this package I talk about my earlier ideas that developed systems using daily data.  But my dream from the beginning was to combine these ideas with intra-day data.  My belief was that using intra-day data in combination with daily data would give a trader more control over trading problems.

Jordi is therefore kind of my dreamJordi uses two data streams, a daily bar and a 15 minute bar.  As I describe in “Stock Trading Millionaires” I have pushed nearly two billion dollars worth of trades through the US stock market using a nearly identical algorithm as Jordi uses.

Jordi has never before been published.

Jordi has been modified to accommodate the small trader.   As it is presently written it can commit as little as $1,000 per trade or it can commit as much as $50,000 per trade.

I publish daily on this site all the real time trades generated by Jordi in 60 plus markets.  I am of the opinion that a $20,000 account traded on margin would support this entire portfolio of 60 plus markets.  E-mail me at bobburan@juno.com and I will send you free our current stock list.

However, a small trader could start with as little as $3,000 traded on margin.  With a $3,000 account a trader could probably trade about 10 to 15 of these stocks.  There might be a handful of days you run out of money and would be unable to take all trades, but for the most part 10 to 15 stocks would be OK.  On a normal day, if there is really such a thing, a trader could expect to be in about two or three positions at a time.

Jordi requires that you monitor your positions with live data.  Jordi is not for the casual trader.  HOWEVER, you can automate Jordi fully with TradeStation 9.5.  See  Full Automation of my Stock Trading Systems.

My systems are also compatible with Multi Charts.  With Multi Charts it is possible to trade my systems with full automation and execute trades through Inter Active Brokers.  See  http://www.multicharts.com/

Jordi is NOT a day trading system and rarely enters a trade and exits it on the same day.

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I am a trading system pro and have been trading markets and have been involved with trading system development and the programming of trading system software for 25 years. “Today Stock Market” is my opportunity to share with you some of my trading experience while discussing stock market news and giving my daily stock market update.

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