How do you get Rich?

How do you get Rich?


wp-content-uploads-2013-01-robertburan1 How do you get Rich?   How do you get rich trading only $10,000?

How-to-get-rich-1 How do you get Rich?
Getting Rich

Trading $10,000 into a small fortune is clearly the ultimate challenge.  But regardless I am a little uncomfortable writing this article because it sounds a little sleazy.  But this is not about selling snake oil.   I am just trying to give some practical advise based on my personal experience.

Do you have only a small amount of money and yet dream of becoming rich ?  Maybe all you have is $3,000 or perhaps you have no cash, but perhaps you could borrow $10,000?

Can a $10,000 account be traded into a small fortune?  My unequivocal answer is yes.

Is that an easy task?  No, it may be the toughest thing you have ever attempted, but I am going to offer you some ideas and tools that may help you.

The information on this web site is absolutely free so take your time and read everything you want.  In fact you SHOULD read everything.  What I do for a living is not for everybody.  Call me,  Robert Buran aka Trader Bob, at 702 490 5317, and talk to me if you would like.  I promise I will not try to sell you anything.  I can listen; before I was a trader I was a psychologist. And you can talk to me for free about getting rich!

How-to-get-rich-2 How do you get Rich?
Making Money Trading

But you will have to learn many things.  This is NOT a get rich scheme and let me repeat once more, this is not easy.

But you do not have to be brilliant; you just need to be persistent.

How I started thinking about “How do you get Rich?

About 15 years ago I wrote a book, How I Quit my Job and Turned $6,000 into a Half Million Trading. Well I can’t say I got really rich and I can’t say I got rich fast either.   Some might say my accomplishment was modest.  In fact I took 6 years to accumulate that half million dollars.  I believed in becoming rich slowly.  I did not compound all my profits and I took money out of my trading account to live on.  My trading account was seldom over $100,000.  But the indisputable fact was that I turned $6,000 into a half million bucks.

I also did something practically no other market guru has ever done, before or since.  I published most of my broker statements and offered a reward to anyone who could prove they were fakes.  To date there have been no takers.

I would estimate I have made about three million dollars trading my own money in about 20 years.  Again I made those millions starting with only $6,000 of borrowed money.

I am not the Person you would think could answer the question, How do you get Rich?

If you think my bold proposal, to turn $10,000 into a fortune, is absurd, please understand that these three million dollars were made by a guy who had no formal investment training whatsoever and who typically fell asleep during investment seminars.  In fact I find the whole subject of market fundamental analysis boring and I do not even know the names of half the companies whose stock I trade.

I would describe myself as a pretty ordinary guy who has developed over a 20 year period some pretty extraordinary ideas about trading markets.  These ideas that I have worked with for nearly 25 years have the goal of yielding maximum investment returns while keeping risk low.   When I say maximum returns I am talking something around  50 % to 250% annual returns on an original investment.  This is about the range of returns that I have realized trading my own money over many years.

To make $500,000 on $6,000 in 6 years you need an average yield of around 125% compounded.  But of course I did not compound the money; in fact I took most of the money out and used it to live on.  And so my yields actually were higher than 125%.

How-to-get-rich-3 How do you get Rich?
A Good Trader

In fact I believe I have the best stock trading programs in the world and I could care less who laughs.

So perhaps you ask,  “does becoming rich mean I have to bet the ranch to make this kind of money?”  Absolutely not and that is why I am suggesting starting with only $10,000.  Trade your $10,000 on margin and that will give you $20,000 to work with.  Let’s do it.

Trading this modest amount into a small fortune in the stock market is our goal and this is what this web site is all about.  Stay with me and I will show you the secrets of Short Term Stock Trading for the small investor.   And rest assured I will most certainly answer the question, How do you get Rich?

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I am a trading system pro and have been trading markets and have been involved with trading system development and the programming of trading system software for 25 years. “Today Stock Market” is my opportunity to share with you some of my trading experience while discussing stock market news and giving my daily stock market update.

 How do you get Rich?