Weekly Trading System

Weekly Trading System


wp-content-uploads-2013-01-robertburan1 Weekly Trading System  By Robert Buran

The second system that is not posted daily is my weekly system which is longer term and holds trades typically 2 to 4 weeks.  This system takes much fewer trades.  One reason I like it is that it lends itself well to running in full automation with TradeStation 9.1.

 I traded this system with real money for about 7 months in intraday-4 Weekly Trading System2012 and liked it.  It is not really a new system at all.   It is actually my oldest system which has been adapted to work with weekly bar charts.  It uses a 75 % retracement  stop that I discuss in my manuals.

If anybody wishes to attempt to replicate these results you should understand that I ran the tests on Christmas day 2012 and went back a little over 13 months.  I did not cherry pick these markets.  These markets were selected BEFORE I started trading in real time and were based on positive performance prior to 2012.


WEEKLY SYSTEM  November 2011 to 12/24/12 and tested on TradeStation 9.1  These results show net profit (loss) and number of trades during the 13 month period.


 AV  +6247  10T

ANR  -1028  8T

ADSK  +3456  11T

AIG  +15498  10T

AMD  +2357  9T

AAPL  +12214  14T

AMGN  -5280  15T

APC  -6,071  10T 


 ARG  +2073  10T

CI  +1730  9T

CLF  -806  9T

CMCA  +12127  +10

DELL +6359  9T

DHI  + 8270  11T

DNR -1280

DV +13900 9T

APH +13556 11T


 ESRX  +8167  10T

EXPE +28343  12T

F  +7518  11T

FDO  +2732  11T

FFIV  -3048  10T

FITB  +609  10T

FLS  +6199  11T

GCT  +9751  11T

GNW  +1309  11T


 GOOG  +8432  9T

HAR  +11738  11T

HBAM  +4247  9T

HOG  +10792  11T

HP  +4358  6T

IRM  +9203  9T

JBL  +3127  10T

JCI  +7330  6T

JCP  +11254  13T


 MRO  +10025  8T

MOS  -2736  10T

LSI  +13038  8T

LEN  +12219  10T

KSS  -11244  13T

KMX  +15079  10T

JEC  -3767  10T

JDSU  +7306  11T


 PCLN  +13852  11T                 

PHM  +24515  10T                                                                   

PLL  +3705  9T

RHT  13776  8T

  The Chart below shows $13,776 profits in RHT during the testing time period:

ROST  7281  8T

RSG  3199  12T

SBUX  4508  9T

SHLD  18855  13T

SYK  -254  15T


 MU  +5577  11T

MUR  +11360  11T

NBR  +4336  11T

NFLX  +32663  7T

NKE  +3664  9T

NOV  – 5932  10T

NSC  +3111  8T

NWL  9370  10T

OXY  -7412 7T


 ZAGG  -78  13T

TIE  -7742  8T

ZION  +12468  9T

WYNN -1950 8T

WY  +9509  8T

WMB +3051  10T

UNH  +5386  9T

TXT  +6353  9T

THC  -78  13T

 Final Totals for WEEKLY SYSTEM

 Profits before slippage and commissions = $427, 395

Total number of trades = 697

Estimated slippage and commissions = $69,700

Profits after slippage and commissions = $357,695

Annual % return on one million dollars = 36%

I was nevertheless gratified to see the good performance with the weekly system.  Obviously this algorithm performs better in the low volatility environment by taking fewer trades and holding them longer.

As mentioned previously The Weekly System also lends itself well to fully automated trading using TradeStation 9.5 or Multi Charts.

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