Trading is done by a person who buys and sells various financial instruments

These financial instruments include commodity futures, bonds, stocks and wp-content-uploads-2013-01-today-stock-market-3s Tradingderivatives.  I have been trading profitably for a living for about 25 years.  But I have had my ups and downs and consider trading a kind of financial blood sport.   These are articles I have written about trading and my experiences that I hope will help aspiring traders.

Trading Articles By Robert Buran:

Big Trading– Yes I have done some big trading.  In fact I have traded many wp-content-uploads-2013-01-robertburan1 Tradingmillions of dollars.  I started my trading career with just $6,000 and even wrote a book about that memorable but modest start.  But I got off to a fast start and my success and writings attracted some attention.  With respect to big trading I initially traded overseas markets, Europe and Asia, for Linda Bradford Rashke (LBR Group) with around 35 million dollars and later I traded a US stock account of several million dollars for a gentleman living in Germany for several years.  So in spite of my modest beginning as a trader I am very familiar with big trading, large positions and big money in the markets. Read the whole article

leo-Trading-Signals-1-228x300 TradingUnraveling Trading Signals: A Practical Guide –

In the world of trading, the term ‘trading signals’ can conjure different images depending on whom you ask. A steadfast contrarian might equate a trading signal to sell stocks with the presence of a bull on the cover of Time Magazine. In contrast, a committed technical analyst may scrutinize particular stochastic figures on a 30-minute bar chart to determine the perfect time to buy a particular stock. On the other end of the spectrum, a dedicated fundamental investor might perceive specific financial metrics of the underlying company as a signal. Read the whole article

The Evolution of Trading Terminology: Trading Systems Vs Trading Strategies 

This leo-Strategy-vs-Automation-1-300x206 Tradingengaging narrative takes us back to a time, more than three decades ago, when government regulation shifted the way we understand the terminologies of ‘trading systems’ and ‘trading strategies.’ Interestingly, the phrase ‘Automated Trading Strategies’ records almost 10,000 searches per month on Google. This curiosity prompts a chuckle because, from a knowledgeable trader’s perspective, automation and strategy don’t quite mesh together.  Read the whole article


Mastering the Art of System Trading: The Path to Financial Freedom

leo-Follow-System-1-237x300 TradingWhy is it so difficult for individuals to embrace the art of system trading? As someone who’s been in this field for years, I often find myself wondering why some find it hard to understand the importance of trading the system. Could it be a misinterpretation, or perhaps a simple reluctance to put in the years of consistent work at home necessary to amass a fortune? Whatever the case, I assure you, the path to financial freedom is indeed real and feasible. Read the whole article



leo-Old-Stock-Trader-233x300 Trading

I am upgrading this web site in 2023 and all of the following nine articles were written in 2015.  I was going to delete them, but after reading all of them I am leaving them here.  Although a little out dated they still have some good information and I would urge you to check them out.




wp-content-uploads-2013-01-trading-15 TradingTrading Tips – Turn Your Stock Trading Hot with Normal Distribution Theory.  If you are looking for stock market trading tips let me give you one from a place that will surprise you, my college statistics book.  Yes, normal distribution patterns, taken from a dry statistics text book, may help you turn your trading hot.  I have been trading for nearly 25 years and consider any year that I do not make at least a 50 percent return on my investment a bad year. But I am cautious and I do not take big risks. So how can I have my cake and eat it too?  Read the Whole Article

wp-content-uploads-2013-01-trading-16 TradingComputer Trading – What I am really saying is that using a computer and an effective mechanical trading system to make consistent real money in the stock market is the only way to go.  Your brain, no matter how brilliant you think it is, cannot do it.  Your brain cannot follow enough markets plus data and process that data fast enough.  But the greatest problem that the human brain has when competing` with computer stock trading programs is that the human brain is infected with the most nefarious of viruses, human emotions.Read the Whole Article

wp-content-uploads-2013-01-trading-14 TradingHow do you get Rich? – Trading $10,000 into a small fortune is clearly the ultimate challenge.  But regardless I am a little uncomfortable writing this article because it sounds a little sleazy.  But this is not about selling snake oil.   I am just trying to give some practical advise based on my personal experience. Read the Whole Article

wp-content-uploads-2013-01-trading-17 TradingManual Trading If you want to go with full automation you are just going to have to accept a small amount of slippage for every trade.  But if you like to sit in front of the computers as I do watching markets and writing and reading, you may want to try something else. The solution that I have worked out over years of trial and error is something I call MANUAL TRADING or MANUAL ORDER EXECUTION. I still use a computer online order placement system to do this manual order execution. But I call it manual trading because I DO NOT place resting orders with my broker that allow him to play around with my orders and to execute those orders to HIS advantage. Read the Whole Article

Anatomy of the Stock Market Crash of 8-24-15 –CNN: “Stocks around the world tumbled in volatile trading on Monday, leaving investors to wonder how much government officials can and will do to insulate the global economy from the turmoil.
The upheaval in the markets began with another rout in China that drew comparisons to the 1987 crash in the United States known as “Black Monday.”
Concerns about China’s ability to be a powerful engine of global economic growth have added to worries about the potential impact of higher interest rates in the United States, driving stocks sharply lower in Asia and Europe.
But early Tuesday, after a three-day rout that erased nearly $3 trillion in value from stocks globally, markets showed signs that selling pressures were easing.”Read the Whole Article

2015-small TradingHigh Return Investments in 2015 – Most Americans have become weary of this slow economic recovery and may be searching for High Return Investments in 2015.  Many may be thinking of investment in the stock market, but few may have seriously ever thought of short term stock trading as a way to ramp up their income in 2015.  Like almost every year before, 2015 has been the subject of much speculation by the “doom and gloomers”.  There are videos floating around the Internet with credible “financial experts” predicting that 2015 will be the year of the worst stock market crash in history and that investments in the stock market will lose at least 90% of their value.  Forget the media hysteria and general stock market pessimism. Read the Whole Article

stock-record-keeping-8 TradingStock Trading Record Keeping,Important Key to Profitable Trading. Stock trading record keeping is perhaps the most boring of topics we discuss. Nobody is interested record keeping. When I was researching key words for this article I found there were 28 searches per month for “Stock trading record keeping” but 6,600 searches for “stock trading tips”. So this is my stock trading tip for you the reader: You will not make one dime trading markets unless you learn good record keeping habits.  Read Entire Article

wp-content-uploads-2013-01-stock-trading-stop-lossthumb TradingStop Loss Order – It may sound like trading heresy, but I think stops are not as important as many traders think.   There is a lot of nonsense written about trading, but one of the more amusing things I have read is about the importance of “loving your stops”.  Read the Whole Article


wp-content-uploads-2013-01-simple-stock-trading-sm TradingSimple Stock Trading is the key to making the big money.  The randomness of short term stock behavior can only be tamed with simple trading systems using very limited parameters; trading and making money is easier than you think.  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.You have probably heard of KISS, “keep it simple stupid”.  When it comes to stock trading no advice could be better. Read the Whole Article